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What We Are Up Against

HIV and AIDS continue to be devastating health problems in the United States and worldwide. As of the end of 2008, an estimated 33.4 million people worldwide were infected with HIV.  In that same year, some 2.7 million people became newly infected, and 2.0 million died of AIDS, including 280,000 children (WHO).

Further, the AIDS pandemic is projected to increase, with the US prevalence increasing 30% to over 1.3 million infections by 2020. Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) has greatly reduced viral loads and reduced morbidity and mortality from AIDS, but the side effects can be severe and the emergence of drug resistance is a problem.

Despite substantial efforts to develop a vaccine, none are yet available, and alternative therapies are desperately needed.


How You Can Help

The consortium of investigators at defeatHIV is grateful to be supported by the National Institutes of Health’s Martin Delaney Collaboratory, which was created to encourage public-private partnerships and their efforts at eradicating HIV.  We agree that these partnerships can help translate cutting edge science into feasible real-world therapies, and we have assembled a world class team aimed at doing just that.

Due to confidence in our ability to push the limits of curative HIV therapies, we are currently one of only 3 groups in the nation to have received this prestigious funding award.  With groundbreaking projects underway, we hope to sustain this momentum and strengthen our consortium by establishing new partnerships in both the public and private sectors.

If you would like to learn more about our efforts and how you can directly make an impact, please contact us.


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